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Feeling good about the community you live in can be just as important as selecting the right home. As a local expert, I can help you find a neighborhood that best suits your needs. From local restaurants and activities to school information and market trends, explore the communities I serve below.


  • Santa Barbara

      Population 89,600 

  • Santa Barbara is unlike anywhere else on Earth; a unique place that's more than wine and arts, more than sunshine and the crisp air off the Pacific, more than amazing food and natural beauty- it is revered by many as a true “paradise”. Santa Barbara is known for its stunning views of mountains and the sea, white-sand beaches and gorgeous gardens, and a broad array of culture and exquisite dining. Also known as the American Riviera, the Santa Barbara area features world-renowned Spanish and Mediterranean architecture.

  • Santa Barbara is all of the things enjoyed from a big city with a small town feel; a unique way of life that is sophisticated yet simple, refined and relaxed, the culture of Europe meets the spirit of the West Coast.

  • Foodies sip and savor their way through Santa Barbara year-round celebrating renowned cuisine and excellent local wine. Santa Barbara invokes the spirit to relax and truly enjoy ones self. Santa Barbara will easily earn a spot within your favorite places.


  • Montecito

Population: 10,000 

  • Montecito is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the entire nation. Starting in the 1880s, important people from around the world vacationed in Santa Barbara and the adjacent town of Montecito. The fantastic climate and luxurious lifestyle captivated many, who quickly established their roots here. Today, Montecito harbors many a celebs, who mingle with regular townsfolk sharing commonalities of shopping, dining, and the enjoyment of life. The two central locations in this area are on Coast Village Road and the Upper Village, which are surrounded by beautiful estates and award-winning schools.

  • While the Montecito area is home to great restaurants, shopping, and world- renowned hotels such as San Ysidro Ranch and The Biltmore, its natural assets are the real stars of the show. The small city is home to some of the area's most stunning stretches of coastline in all of California. From Fernald's Point, past the calm waters of Miramar Beach and renowned surf break at Hammonds Point, to sparkling Butterfly Beach. Stand-up paddlers and surfers contend for waves, and sailboats are resident against their moorings offshore. At Butterfly Beach, dogs are permitted on-leash, and its west-facing direction lends to captivating sunsets.


  • Summerland

Population: 1,545

  • Summerland is the quintessential, classic California beach town. Just a few miles south of Santa Barbara, this coastal enclave is nestled between beautiful hillsides and sparkling beaches. Take a walk through the town’s small epicenter to browse for antiques or unique home furnishings. Satisfy your hunger at a Summerland restaurant, and then grab your swimsuit and head for the beach! This quaint beachside region has epic views of the ocean from the bluffs at Lookout Park or from nearly ends of town.


  • Carpinteria

Population: 13,700

  • Carpinteria is a quiet, coastal town with a charming main street laden with family-owned restaurants and mom-and-pop shops. The main street, Linden Avenue runs all the way to tranquil Carpinteria State Beach, known as the "World's Safest Beach". Farther south, visitors can walk across the bluffs and peer down to the harbor seal rookery where pups and their parents lounge on the beach. The area and setting lend to being very family friendly. 
  • Carpinteria, or Carp, as the locals call it, lies 12 miles southeast of Santa Barbara. The native Chumash tribe used to build canoes here and when the Spaniards happened upon the boat builders in the late 1700s, they named the place Carpinteria, or "carpentry shop." 
  • A few minutes drive south from Carpinteria and you are at Rincon Point, where you can watch surfers perform on world-class waves. Directly inland is the rural valley that stretches beneath the foothills and overlooking mountains, which are filled with flower nurseries, polo fields, avocado farms and horse ranches. Depending on your hobbies and interests, Carpinteria is sure to provide something for everyone. The city also offers a beautiful and eclectic selection of hotels and beach rentals for visitors to choose from.


  • Goleta

Population: 77,400 

  • Goleta is the neighboring town to Santa Barbara, which hugs the coast about 12 miles west of Santa Barbara’s downtown. The Spaniards initially named the place "The Good Land", but the official name changed to Goleta after a schooner with the same moniker arrived here in 1822.

  • Goleta encompasses many spacious, public parks from the coast to the mountains a few miles inland. Goleta Valley, the intermediary between the coast and the mountainous backdrop, houses Santa Barbara’s Municipal airport, which is known for making traveling in or out of town a breeze.
  • Lemon orchards once dominated the landscape here, and are still celebrated on a yearly basis during the local Lemon Festival each October. Lemons aren't the only produce in Goleta, as a cornucopia of culinary delights are harvested from Goleta's family-owned farms and sustainable gardens, which are served up in area restaurants and local farmers' markets year round. Head to Goleta for outdoor adventures: Fish on the pier, surf at Campus Point, kayak and spot wildlife in the Goleta Slough, and hike on the bluffs above miles of beaches. Families enjoy the open landscapes and beautiful scenery here, from the Monarch Butterfly Preserve to the beautiful lake Los Carneros. Sporting world-renowned golf courses such as The Sandpiper, Goleta truly has something for every walk of life.

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